Coils for - 9 bands dipole aerial


' In the good old days ' a parallel resonant circuit looked like this, it worked OK, but not very handy to use when positioend on the aerial, staying there in all kinds of weather.
If we, on the other hand, use a piece of coaxial cable to wind the coil from, we'll get both the thread and the requisite capacity for free. The only 'sensitive' spot will then be in the very end of the caoxial cable. The necessity weatherproofing can then be ensured by i.e silicone sealing compound.

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coaxsp2 The coils, made from coaxial cable, are spun around a plastic tube, and fixed to ensure their mutual position.
The connection of the aerial-threads is then made inside the plastic tube on a aerialyoke - The sheild is input and the inner conductor is output as shown here - the corresponding ends on the coaxial coil are connected by soldering.
Then a second plastic tube are applied on the outside, and all is filled with expanding foam, now we have a completely stabile and weatherproofed construction.