9 band antenna with one shared coaxial cable. Antenne

The three threads in each part of the dipole are made from 2.5 mm nyloncoated steelwire. with a correction constant of 0.8

1) The upper thread is with coils, and the thread is tuned for 10, 21, 42, 82 & 160 metre.

2) The middle thread is tuned for 12 & 16 metre.

3) The lower thrad is tuned for 14 & 30 meter.

Each antenna thread are gathered in a balun and from here they're joined in one coaxial cable, connected to the transmitter, hence you can choose whatever frequency you want on your tranciver - the antenna ensures that you'll always have a functional solution.

I wont state the antenna is 50 ohm under all circumstances; but this is far from imperative, as long as you have finetuning to your antenna, which you have in the built-in tuner in your station. This ensures that your antenna always will respect the adjustment between 30 & 300 Ohm which is the range the tuner can handle on a Kenwood TS570D. Do you exceed this range, or if you make use the HF-filtre, you'll need an external tuner.

Threadlenghts are as follows:

10 metre - Threadlength 2.26 m. and the first coil.

21 metre -After first coil extends by 1.80 m. and second coil.

42 metre - After second coil extends by 2.87 m. and third coil.

82 metre - After third coil extends by 5.50 m. and forth coil.

160 metre - An extension-coil, and the thread gets extended by 6.70 m.

12 metre - Threadlength 2.60 m. and coil......

16 metre - The thread gets extended by 0.57 m.

14 metre - Threadlength 3.02 metre and coil.

30 metre - The thread gets extended by 2.20 m....

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